About Us

We Provide Great, Personal Service!

  • Our Crews Are Reliable, Responsible, Dependable & Consistent
  • All Phone Calls Are Always Answered & Returned Promptly
  • We Always Follow Up If You Have Questions, Concerns or Complaints
  • All Paperwork Is Prompt & Professional: Proposals, Invoices, Correspondence, Etc.
  • We Will Always Give You Honest, Professional Advice – Even If It Means That We Are Not the Right Company for Your Needs

We Do Expert Work!

  • We Have Experienced, Professional Janitorial Personnel
  • We Pride Ourselves on Having Very Low Turnover, So Your Cleaning Is Handled by the Same Person or Crew, on the Same Schedule, Visit After Visit
  • The Workers on Your Job Have the Proper Equipment, Training & Instructions to Do the Job Right
  • Our Workers Are Looking Out for Your Facility, & We Will Let You Know If We See Problems with Your Building, Doors Left Unlocked, Supplies Running Low, Etc.


We Are Fully Insured & Bonded!

  • You Are Covered by Our Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • You Are Covered by Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • We Pay All the State & Federal Payroll Taxes Due for Our Employees

Estimates Are Always Free!

  • Give Us a Call and We Will Be Glad to Make an Appointment to See You


We Appreciate Your Consideration
Thank You for Reading About Us